SF-270 type table top manual sealing machine

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Name:SF-270 type table top manual sealing machine

Product description

SF-270 type table top manual sealing machine, packing bag, sealing machine, sealing machine, sealing machine


Sealing machine is to fill the container with the packaging of the sealing machine, the product into the packaging container, in order to make the product can be sealed to keep the product quality, to avoid the loss of products, the need to seal the packaging containers, this operation is done on the sealing machine.

The sealing machine is the machine to seal the container after holding the product. Making packaging containers of many materials, such as paper, plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, composite materials, such as, morphology and physical properties of packaging container also each are not identical, the forms of sealing and sealing device is not the same.


The sealing machine with electric pulse technology, the original work time was reduced from 2 to 4 seconds to 0.2-2 seconds, is a kind of low investment and high benefit, operate the simple sealing equipment. Can be widely used in food, medicine, local products, electrical appliances, factories, stores, service industry family food sealing.

SF has the advantages of quick sealing, easy operation and high efficiency. SF automatic less investment, economic and practical, the machine has a foot in the middle of the hole, can be hand and foot. Can replace the high price of foot type sealing machine, use convenient. 


1, the machine without power switch, the AC power cord plug into the socket, according to the thickness of the material to seal, adjust the heating time, the plastic on the sealing surface, and then press the handle, the circuit is automatically control heating time. When the light goes out. Power supply is automatically cut off. After about 1 to 2 seconds, release the handle on the seal

2, in case of sealing when the seal is broken, it is because the heating time is too long, please turn the knob to the counter clockwise rotation, shorten the heating time on the line.

3, if the seal is not strong, it is because the heating time is too short. Turn the knob clockwise, and extend the heating time.

4 if the plastic bag is glued to the rubber plate, the cooling time is not enough, and the cooling time of the indicator light is prolonged. Please open a handle.

5, the heating time is adjusted, in use should be kept constant, in continuous use without any adjustment.

6, manual plastic bag sealing machine can be AC power line has been inserted into the power socket, not sealing without power consumption 


Model: SF-270 desktop sealing machine

Pulse power: 300W

Sealing length: 270*2.5mm

Electric adjustable time: 0.2-1.5sec

Dimension: 300*150*110mm

Weight: 2.4KG



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