YTK-LJZ-S3000CW Liquid filling machine with conveyor 60℃

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Liquid filling machine with conveyor

Product parameters





liquid temperature




Maximum flow Rate




Max Absorption Distance




Repeat Error




Filling Volume Range












Diameter of Filling Nozzle




Control panel function description

1.When the red light is on, it means the smart sensor function and the foot switch function are available. You can connect smart sensor switch line or foot switch line to the control port.

2. When the green light is on, it means the pump is working, and the green light is off, it means the pump has stopped working. It is also a jog function button. Click once to fill

3. Yellow light: It is a manual switch that can set the fill time and volume, and then press the yellow button to fill continuously

4.POWDERPress the light to turn on and turn off the device

5.SENSORS:Press the light to turn on/turn off the sensor,for automatic induction filling operation and stop.

6.INCHING:Press and hold the light to filling and release the light to stop filling.

7.DOWN and UP:

Filling speed: press DOWN and UP arrow

Acceleration and deceleration to control the motor output speed

Adjustable range: 00-99

00 is the minimum speed, the smaller the number, the slower the speed

99 is the maximum speed, the higher the number, the faster the speed

Use scenario: You can effectively control the liquid flow rate to prevent excessively fast flow rate


Filling time: this item sets the pump running time

Click the SET button to enter the filling time setting

Press the ADD & UNIT key to increase the number, the number increases, 0-9 cycles;

Press MOVE to move right one bit, adjustable range: 00.0-99.9

ADD&UNIT key: switch the time unit 99.9>>999.

Time unit is second: 00.0-99.9 000-999




Product Details

1.DC powder supply is safe and secure

It is powdered by an external DC powder supply,and there is only low voltage inside the case. In case of water,the case is not afraid of leakage!

2.Accurate control of data speed

Two sets of parameters are independently controlled, and the large-screen display parameters buttons are carefully arranged for easy control!

3. Compact model saves space

Compact design, small size ,farewell to bulkiness ,complete functions,and effective use of working space

4. Smart sensor operation is convenient

The Intelligent induction filling design makes filling handy and liberate your feet!

5. Detachable hose for easy cleaning

The large flow stainless steel inlet ,and outlet pipe connections are easy to disassemble,clean and replace!

6.Humanized design supports originality

Humanized design to meet different work scenarios and enjoy customized services.


7.Strong scalability wide application range

SupportJog control,manual control,foot control, smart sensor

Support :external conveyor belt(optional) automatic bottle feeding and filing

Support: The inlet and outlet pipes are replaceable and detachable

Support: optional front and rear bracket installation positions



8.Conveyor installation instructions

1.Insert the conveyor control cable

2.Install copper columns and receiving tray

3.Insert the U-shaped clip in the direction of the arrow

4.Insert T-bracket and U-shaped clip as shown

5.Tighten the screws slowly to ensure that the bracket doesn’t not shake

6.Install the support rod as shown

7.Use the previous method yo install the bracket in the picture

8. Prepare to connect the filling machine

9.Install the sensor,and inlet and outlet pipes

10.Adjust the sensitivity to the sensor,the bottle will be filled automatically

11.Adjust the water outlet to match the height of the bottle

12.Confirm the alignment of the water outlet and the bottle mouth fro, different angles

13.Adjust the bottle guide rod so that the bottle just passes the sensor

14.Start-up trial operation ,after adjustment,you can start working

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