YTK-150C Desktop Front & Back stickers Labeling Machine

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Round Bottle Clamp Labeling Machine YTK-150C

This round bottle labeling is mostly suitable for labeling round object with long label that covers full bottle circumference, due to the mechanical structure of this machine, it requires a air compressor to provide compressed air in order to make the pneumatic cylinder on this machine to work.

User Interface

We’ll explain this interface from top to bottom, left to right.

Dual Label Switch

Single or Dual Label switch function, Button 1 & 2 can be used to switch from outputting 1 or 2 labels, currently it only supports labels with same length.

Label Gap

This setting is only available when switched to Dual Label Mode, it’s a time setting which controls how long it should delay before outputting the second label. The longer time results in wider gap between two labels. Also the spinning speed of bottle itself will affect the gap as well.

Bottle Clamp Delay

The delay which controls how long the clamp mechanism should wait before clamping the bottle. When the sensor sees a bottle, it should wait a while before signal the cylinder to clamp the bottle.

Label Output Delay

When the bottle is clamped in position, it’ll start spinning. We should be waiting a while to let it spin properly before we apply the label to it. This delay setting can be used to control the length of that waiting process. We use this setting to control this process to avoid premature label output.

Label Overhang

This setting controls how long the label will continue to output when the label sensor sees the gap on the label roll. We use this setting get a proper label overhang. Notice this is not an absolute setting that determine how long the label sticks out the dispensing blade, it’s just a relative distance that tells the motor to continue to move when the label sensor sees the gap between each label.

Label Speed

This decides how fast the label motor will feed out the label. Always remember that this label speed should be matching with the bottle spinning speed. That means when ever you change the bottle speed or label speed, the other one should also be changed to adapt to each other as well. Otherwise, you will get weird labeling result on the bottle.

Max. Counter Number

This is just counting function, machine will stop after reaching the max number you set until you manually reset it.

Label Output Speed

This parameter sets how fast the stepper motor spins, the higher the number is, the faster label output speed will be, you can see this as Label Speed.

When bottle is clamped down, it has a rotation speed which is from the motor speed that drives the rollers, you can see this as Bottle Speed.

Apparently, label & bottle speed must be matching to each other. If it doesn't match, here's what going to happen.

Label speed is faster than bottle speed:

Bottle will not have enough speed to collect the label that's coming out from the dispensing plate, hence label on the bottle will have wrinkle/bubble.

Label speed slower than bottle speed:

Bottle will be dragging label out from the blade, this will cause many labeling issue, such as labeling is out of level, broken label, etc.

When you’re running this machine, all you gotta do is pin down one of them and tuning the other one to match.

Labeler Switch

This switch controller whether if the label motor should output label or not when the bottle sensor is triggered. Keep this switch off when you’re adjusting the bottle sensor or Bottle Clamp Delay, otherwise you’ll wasting labels and get messy.

Conveyor Switch

This switch controls the power of the conveyor and bottle spinning motor.

Printer Switch

This controls the printing signal to the printer, the printer will code the label when labeling is done if this switch is on.

In dual mode, the printer will only code the second label.

Bottle Sensor Indicator

This indicator will be on when the bottle passing by or block the bottle sensor, after that, it will send signal to the label motor to output the label if the Labeler switch is on.

Label Sensor Indicator

This indicator showing the label sensor status, it will be on when the sensor sees the gap between each sensor, then it sends signal to the label motor to stop output label.

This sensor needs to be set with your own label, for this part, please referring to How To Set Label Sensor at the end of this manual.

Label Test

Press this button, machine will perform label output action, we use this to tuning the machine before actual massive production.


This is just used to rest and clear current counting number.

Clamp Test

This can be used to test whether if the clamp cylinder is working or not.

Coder Test

If your machine comes with a coding machine, use this button to check if the signal between labeling and coding machine is properly connected. The coding machine will perform a coding action if you press this button.

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