600mm type hand pressure sealing machine

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Name:600mm type hand pressure sealing machine

 Product description:600mm type hand pressure sealing machine, sealing machine, shrink film, sealing machine, plastic film


This machine use aluminum material as the fuselage of the aircraft, with small size, convenient operation, high efficiency, tight sealing, save electricity, sealing length

And other characteristics. Applicable to all kinds of poly ethylene, polypropylene film, composite material and aluminum foil film sealing; can be widely used in food, soil, specialty, candy,

Tea, medicine, hardware and other industries, is a store, family, industrial use convenient, practical, economical sealing equipment.

Technical Parameters


Model    FRN-600

           Power  780W

Seaing Length    600mm

Thickness of Film   0.01-0.4mm

Sealing Width     2.8mm

Heating Time    0.2-3sec

Parts of Machine


2, Press arm

3, Outside Shell

4, Ribbon Heater

5, indicator ligtht

6, Time Knob

7,      Insulation cloth

8,The silicone layering

Operation steps

1 power switch, the power switch, the AC power cord into the socket, according to the thickness of the material to seal, adjust the heating time.

Put the plastic bag on the sealing surface, and then press the handle, the circuit is automatically control the heating time. When the light goes out, the power source

That is automatically disconnected. About 1-2 seconds after the release of the handle, the seal is good.

2 if the seal is broken, it is because the heating time is too long. Turn the knob to the counter clockwise, and shorten the heating time.

3 if the seal is not firm, it is because the sealing time is too short, please turn the knob clockwise rotation, to extend the heating time.

4 if the plastic bag stuck on silica gel layering, cooling time, cooling time must be light is extinguished. Please open a handle.

5 after the heating time is adjusted, the use should be kept unchanged. You don't need to make any adjustments in the continuous use.

6 the machine is connected to the AC power cord is plugged in the power socket.


Warm Tips

1, should always keep the sealing surface clean, avoid residue on the surface of the sealing and reduce the electric heating and the service life of heat resistant cloth
2, do not use wet cloth to wipe the sealing surface
3, if under the electric heating pad is damaged, can cause a short circuit and damage the electric heating.So every time change electric heating, it should be
Check the packing in good condition.If you have any new damage should be replaced.
4, electric heating, must want to change the original should be chosen and with the same specifications of the cables.
5, after using for a long time, please check the silica bead, because the silica gel bead damage will affect the quality of hospital seal.





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